Blue Marble Evaluation Principle 4: Overarching Integration

Each week, leading up to the Blue Marble Evaluation book and website launch, we will be introducing a new principle of Blue Marble Evaluation. We will start with the four overarching principles. This week, Principle 4: Overarching Integration.

Principle: Integrate the Blue Marble principles in the design, engagement with, and evaluation of systems change and transformation initiative.

Basic Premise: Transformation requires multiple interventions and actions on many fronts undertaken by diverse but interconnected actors.

Implications: This fourth principle integrates the previous three, making it clear that this is not a pick and-choose menu of options but rather an integrated and comprehensive approach in which all the principles are important and, together, constitute a complete package. As we proceed in subsequent weeks to introduce and explain the 12 operating principles, the Integration principle will apply to those as well.

Photo Credit: Ellen Harasimowicz