Blue Marble Evaluation Principle 3: Transformative Engagement

Each week, leading up to the Blue Marble Evaluation book and website launch, we will be introducing a new principle of Blue Marble Evaluation. We will start with the four overarching principles. This week, Principle 3: Transformative Engagement.

Principle: Engage consistent with the magnitude, direction, and speed of transformations needed and envisioned.

Basic Premise: Global, anthropogenic problems are so severe, threatening the future sustainability of the planet and humanity, that major and rapid systems transformations are needed.


  • Base transformational interventions on a research-informed theory of transformation knitting together relevant theories of change.

  • Ensure that what is called transformation IS transformational.

  • Catalyze, connect, track, map, and evaluate networks and initiatives worldwide to generate critical mass tipping points toward global transformation.

  • Apply systems thinking and complexity theory to transformational engagements.

  • Transform evaluation to evaluate transformation.