Michael founded Utilization-Focused Evaluation in 1978Listen to Michael's Eval story

Charmagne joined the team in 2015.  Here is Charmagne's story: 

"I come to this work from the inside, having worked for and with social-change organizations for the past twelve years. I am also the daughter of an evaluator (guess which one!), so you might say this work is in my blood. I certainly was raised to ask probing questions, seek out evidence, and acknowledge complexity.

"As I started my own professional journey, the need for evaluation expertise seemed to pop up at every turn. I spent my twenties supporting social change movements as a volunteer, an intern, a consultant, a program associate, a program manager and a board member. Through this work, I saw the challenges many non-profits face in conducting authentic, useful evaluation: limited staff time, financial constraints, lack of expertise, competing priorities to name a few. I also saw how powerful authentic evaluation can be to moving organizations towards more sustained, deeper impact.

"As a new mother, I decided to step back from the front lines of this work to use what I have learned to support others. This allows me to share more time with my daughter, as well as to share some of the lessons, strategies, insights and tools I have gathered over the last decade.  I also decided that the most effective way for me to do this work would be to join my father, Michael at Utilization-Focused Evaluation. Affectionately known by many as MQP, my Dad has been an advisor and mentor to me throughout my professional journey. It is an honor to join UFE and have the chance to turn this work into a true family endeavor."