Principles of Blue Marble Evaluation Week by Week

Over the next fifteen weeks, leading up to the launch of the Blue Marble Evaluation book and website on November 13, 2019, we will be unveiling the Blue Marble Evaluation Principles.

Blue Marble evaluation is principles-based because to deal with the complexities of global issues and problems we need principles to guide us, not a rule book to tie us down. Principles-focused thinking is for principles-driven people engaged in principles-based change. If you want to learn more about principles or need a new evaluation book to fill your time before Blue Marble Evaluation comes out, check out Principles-Focused Evaluation: The Guide.

The Blue Marble Evaluation approach articulated by Michael Quinn Patton offers both overarching and operating principles. Here is the distinction:

Overarching principles provide big picture, general guidance.

Operating principles provide more specific guidance.

Blue Marble Evaluation has four overarching principles and twelve operating principles.

Stay tuned as we unveil each principle over the coming weeks. Join our e-mail list and check out our upcoming webinars for more information!