Blue Marble Evaluation Operating Principle 7: World Savvy Principle

World Savvy Principle: Engage in ongoing learning relevant to Blue Marble principles and practices.

Premise: Being a World Savvy evaluator requires a blend of competencies, knowledge, understandings, skills, and sensitivities. Blue Marble evaluators should be globally and cross-culturally competent as well as competent evaluators and knowledgeable about human and ecosystem interdependencies and stewardship. What competence means and what competencies are valued will vary by context.


  • Be thoughtful about what you know, don’t know, and need to know; what skills you have, don’t have, and need to development; and your strengths and weaknesses to engage as a Blue Marble evaluator.

  • Be intentional and systematic about ongoing learning; have a learning agenda while also being open to emergent learning opportunities.

  • Develop capabilities to engage as part of a Blue Marble team since no individual is likely to possess the full range of knowledge, skills, and competencies to engage globally, GLOCALY, and across silos in diverse contexts on varied initiatives and interventions.

  • Be a creative methods bricoleur, astute in matching methods to situations.

  • Be savvy about being World Savvy.

  • Being World Savvy is a journey not a destination.

This principle was inspired by our work with World Savvy, an organization focused on empowering educators to make school inclusive, relevant, and engaging for all students, inspiring them to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens.