MQP's Top Ten List of the Future of Evaluation

One June 8th, I gave the closing keynote address at the Canadian Evaluation Society's annual conference in Saint John's, Newfoundland, where I listed my top ten trends for the future of evaluation. They've since gotten some traction on twitter, but a few are out of order, so I thought I'd share my official list here for all to see: 

10. Integration of mixed methods

9. Increasing importance of data visualization

8. Increased us of social media for all aspects of evaluation

7. Learning from failure

6. Getting serious about unanticipated consequences and investigating unknown unknowns

5. Evaluation as the alpha trans-discipline (Scriven)

4. Integrated, holistic multi-disciplinary complexity-informed systems thinking

3. Real-time evaluation for a fast-paced world

2. Speaking truth to power

1. Global systems change evaluation

Click here to download the slides of my full keynote, "The Future of Evaluation: Beyond here there be dragons, or are those just icebergs?"