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Blue Marble Evaluation Workshop @ the Leverage Points For Sustainability Transformation Conference

  • Leuphana University Lünenburg Germany (map)

Blue Marble Evaluation is focused on evaluating global systems transformation. As such, it is important that Blue Marble Evaluators connect with efforts around the globe with this goal. The Leverage Points for Sustainability Transformation is one such opportunity.

This conference will ask: how do we transform ourselves, our science, our institutions, our interventions and our societies for a better future? The conference is premised on three principles:

  1. The importance of searching for places where interventions can lead to transformative change.

  2. Open inquiry, exchange and co-learning across multiple theoretical, methodological and empirical research approaches focused on sustainability science and transformative change.

  3. The need to reflection on modes of research and processes of change in leverage point and sustainability transformation related research.

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On February 10th, members of the emerging Blue Marble Evaluators will offer a workshop to explore how our network can support efforts like those addressed at the conference. Check back for more information on the workshop.