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IPDET Global Systems Evaluation Course

2-Day Course on Global Systems Evaluation taught by Michael Quinn Patton

Evaluation as a field has developed effective and useful approaches and tools for monitoring and evaluating traditional projects, programs, national policies and plans, and international agency sector initiatives. But global problems require global solutions and global systems evaluation. Global challenges like climate change, massive cross-border movement of displaced persons, virulent super-viruses and contagious diseases that threaten world health, dying oceans, global   terrorism, global food insecurity, global economic interdependence, and multinational capitalism, to name but a few examples, operate beyond national borders and regional or sectoral domains.  Technology knows no national or agency boundaries. Moreover, these global systems and challenges are interconnected and dynamic.  Global innovators and global systems change initiatives are beginning to think and act from the perspective of a complex, dynamic, and interconnected world system. Evaluators need special perspectives and competences to engage and evaluate these global change efforts, to monitor, improve, help develop, and ultimately judge the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability of these global change efforts.  This involves much more than monitoring performance indicators and sustainable development goals. It means bringing the full arsenal of evaluation thinking, tools, methods, and processes to bear at a global level -- and creating new approaches appropriate to the challenges of global systems evaluation.  This two-day course lays the foundation for global systems evaluation and world savvy evaluators. 

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